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15th April 2014

The Mark began as an innovative luxury services corporate project competition in 2014; animated by Annalisa Tarquini (Director of Luxury Management), Eric Althaus (Althaus Yachting) and other like-minded professors at the International University of Monaco (IUM). Last year’s sponsors of The Mark included the Althaus Yachting; with great support from Eric Althaus as well. The location of last year’s event was MYC and was very successful. Due to such large success with participants for the IUM, animators were prepared to expand the competition to a larger variety of students. In only its second year, The Mark competition expanded to include all of the schools of the French-based groupe INSEEC. Once again next year The Mark will challenge itself to expand and make a global presence—to include international universities from every corner of the globe. Again this year it is with great pleasure that The Mark presents Althaus Yachting once again as sponsors—to support the passion of students committed to developing innovative luxury services.

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Pennampede Lidia, Zavyalov Yuriy, Masa Myriam, Abbott Priyanka

We are One Life Monaco. The whole concept can be explained by one simple example: “One little boy always had the dream to be a teacher … He grew to be an entrepreneur, stuck in his success to the point of never again having the luxury to ponder his first dream.” This is how One Life Monaco enters in the game to be a life changer. Our team is able to provide that man with the experience of his life by giving him the utensils and surrounding him in an environment where he can be the teacher he always wanted. This is it. This is what matters, the experience that allows going back to your roots and original values to achieve your true one life dream. It’s not about common experiences; it’s about your dreams. We meet and exceed that yearning for our clients one life experience. We are inspired by the dreams of our clients and we inspire our clients to dream. This is our signature, and it means everything.


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