Edition 2015

4 universities

From INSEEC Group

58 students

Of 21 nationalities

17 projects

From competing teams

Inspired or Inspiring?

The Mark is a business plan competition that has something for everyone – students, business leaders, professionals and future entrepreneurs that believe in innovation, sustainability and impact.

We bring together 9 qualifying teams to present pioneering luxury service ideas along with insight and inspiration from eminent speakers during the event.

April 23rd, from 8 AM - 2 PM At the Columbus Hotel, Salon Roseraie


8:00 - 9:00 — Welcome coffee
9:00 – 9:10 — Opening Speech by Sophie de Lorenzo, Director Corporate Relations - IUM
9:10 – 9:30 — Keynote Speech by Lindsay Davis, Global Director of Partner Office Relations - Quintessentially Lifestyle
9:30 – 10:00 — Presentation 2 Business Plans
10:00 – 10:30 — Coffee break
10:30 – 10:50 — Keynote Speech by Jesus Scott , International Sales Manager, Metropole Hotel Monte Carlo
10:50 – 11:20 — Presentation 2 Business Plans
11:20 – 11:30 — Speech by Eric Althaus – CEO Althaus Yachting
11:30 – 11:40 — Guest Speaker by Caroline Bode, IUM student – TwoHelp Association
11:40 – 11:45 — Teams Elevator pitches
11:45 - 12:15 — Jury and Audience Deliberation / Winners Announcement
12:15 – 2:00 — Lunch Buffet

Keynote speakers

Team Member

Scott Jesus

Metropole Hotel
Team Member

Davis Lindsay

Team Member

Bode Caroline

IUM Student

Team Name: Black Haven

Participants: Laura Newman, Taylor Laidlaw, Shivangi Musaddi
University: International University of Monaco
Course: MSc Luxury Management
Nationalities: American, Canadian, Indian

Pitch: Black Haven is luxury service concept designed to provide spa services in a luxury vehicle, specifically for elite clientele traveling from airports to their final destination. It is for those who wish to utilize their travel time for self-indulgence, and is an escape from an otherwise stressful atmosphere. Through our services, we provide quick recovery for the body and mind in luxury and elegance. Our objective is to incorporate the United Nations Millennium goal of Women Empowerment in our business model. We target to employ young, low-income, single mothers, whom have an extremely difficult time keeping up with a traditional 9-5 job. Black Haven would provide them with the means to initiate a successful career, and thus create a positive and lasting impact on women in society.

Team Name: The Luxe Effect

Participants: Teodora Stanojevic, Pia Harth, Joao Marques, Aakash Talreja
University: International University of Monaco
Course: MSc Luxury Management
Nationalities: Romanian, German, Portuguese, Indian

Pitch: There are so many treasures hidden out in the world and the purpose of our project is to bring them right to our client's doorstep. We want to offer our clients a selection of 12 different and curated items brought to us by our skilled luxury buyers, in a very limited amount, every week. The profits from the project will not only contribute to the company’s' growth but a percentage will also be given to the communities that are responsible for create such unique pieces.

Team Name: MILAP

Participants: Charlotte D´Souza, Karunamayi Prasad
University: INSEEC Business School, Paris
Course: MBA Luxury Brand Management
Nationalities: Indian

Pitch: Our service is based on a privately hosted platform for luxury clients. These customers acquire memberships based on invites and recommendations from existing members. This digital concept store, designed as a social media, rather than an online store, will have a network of various artisanal businesses. We at RKD believe in sustainable projects and have developed Luxury Codes 2.0 to embody our ideal of such a project. We strongly believe that developing self-sustainable and independent people and businesses is what will make the world a better place. It is specifically for this reason that RKD has strived to develop a business which creates smaller yet fully sustainable businesses, rather than developing a big business who uses charity as a means of CSR.

Team Name: ToneU

Participants: Aurelie Eskinazi, Matthew Chang, Celine Carabelli
University: International University of Monaco
Course: MSc Luxury Management
Nationalities: French, Canadian, Swiss

Pitch: ToneU team coming from different educational backgrounds, they decided to combine all their knowledge in order to develop a technology driven service in the luxury sector. ToneU is an application that focuses on the beauty, health, and wellness sectors. Clients can make an online appointment on the app with a personal trainer, hairdresser, stylist, esthetician, or masseuse for services in the area of health, beauty, and fitness depending on their current location.

The Mark relies upon the commitment of practitioners in the field who review business plans and lend their expertise to provide candid feedback and judge the feasibility of the plans entered within the Competition. The judges come from a variety of backgrounds, including funders, founders, industry experts, professors, executives, and other specialists deemed appropriate to understand the commercial viability of a business idea.

The judges also represent a wide array of industries. These fields include funding organizations such as impact investors, philanthropists, and venture philanthropists, as well as capacity building organizations, and social entrepreneurs.

First Jury

Each Business Plan was reviewed by a First Jury in a first round elimination and the finalist projects were selected.

The First Jury is composed of:

Name of the Judge: Marika Taishoff
Profession: IUM MBA Program Director

Name of the Judge: Mihai Ivascu
Profession: IUM MBA Student & Entrepreneur in Monaco

Name of the Judge: Sophie Delorenzo
Profession: IUM Director Corporate Relations

Name of the Judge: Alberto Vitale
Profession: Expert Diamants

Second Jury

A Second Jury assessed the finalists, and elected the Winner of April 23rd 2015 !

The Second Jury is composed of:

Name of the Judge: Althaus Eric
Profession: Althaus Yacthing
Position: President

Name of the Judge: Blommaart Bas
Profession: Itesso
Position: Chairman CTO

Name of the Judge: Anderson Donald
Profession: Envestors
Position: General Manager Monaco

Name of the Judge: Masa Myriam
Profession: Winner of The Mark 2014
Position: IUM MSc Student,

Name of the Judge: Davis Lindsay
Profession: Quintessentially Lifestyle
Position: Global Director of Partner Office Relations

Name of the Judge: Sirour David
Profession: JCI Monaco
Position: President JCI Monaco


ToneU, from IUM, MSc in Luxury Management

Grand Prix of the Jury and the Audience choice

Milap from INSEEC Paris

Second Prize of the Jury

Charlotte D’Souza, Karunamayi Prasad, MBA students