The Mark relies upon the commitment of practitioners in the field who review business plans and lend their expertise to provide candid feedback and judge the feasibility of the plans entered within the Competition. The judges come from a variety of backgrounds, including funders, founders, industry experts, professors, executives, and other specialists deemed appropriate to understand the commercial viability of a business idea.

The judges also represent a wide array of industries. These fields include funding organizations such as impact investors, philanthropists, and venture philanthropists, as well as capacity building organizations, and social entrepreneurs.

First Jury

Name of the Judge: Dario Peirone
Profession: Morning Boost

Name of the Judge: Marika Taishoff
Profession: IUM
Position: Director of MBA programs

Name of the Judge: Mihai Ivascu
Profession: young serial entrepreneur

Name of the Judge: Markus Schuller
Profession: Panthera Solutions

Name of the Judge: Gordana Savic
Profession: Golden Goat

Name of the Judge: Bertrand Petyt
Profession: Parkview Private Collection

Second Jury

A Second Jury assessed the finalists, and elected the Winner of April 6th 2016 !

The Second Jury is composed of:
Name of the Judge: Althaus Eric
Profession: Althaus Yacthing
Position: President

Name of the Judge: Hadami Magtouf
Profession: Louis Vuitton Monaco
Position: Store Director

Name of the Judge: Jelena Djokovic
Profession: Novak Djokovic Foundation
Position: National Director

Name of the Judge: Michel Bouquier
Profession: Monaco Private Label
Position: Senior Advisor at Finance and Economy Department Monaco

Name of the Judge: Axel Hoppenot
Profession: Société des Bains de Mer - Skal International Monaco
Position: Group Director of Sales & Marketing - President

Name of the Judge: Nazanine Matin
Profession: Total Impact Capital
Position: Managing Director Europe

Name of the Judge: Zsolt Lavotha
Profession: ex Chairman
Position: Monaco Venture Capital and Private Equity Association

Name of the Judge: Thierry Chausse
Profession: President
Position: JCI