Application and Selection Process

Required documents

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The business model canvas is a sketch, which captures the key essential details of the proposed idea. These include key partners, key activities, key resources, cost structure, revenue streams, value propositions, customer relationships, channels, customer segments, and a charity aspect.


The Business resume is a two-page word document explaining the framework of the business idea. It talks about the service/ technology concept, the key geographies, actions required for getting the plan into action as well as the future potential and impact on society.

Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a conversation, or an icebreaker that will introduce the business concept’s functionality and specialty. It is an exciting, impactful and meaningful impression creating the desire, interest and curiosity about the premium or luxury service idea.


What we're interested in are radical, innovative and creative ideas; ideas with the power for great impact and influence. Ideas that challenge assumed boundaries and inspire a sense of what's possible. The 6 qualifying teams are required to prepare a presentation for the event keeping in mind the following guidelines:


Provide a company name and logo


Summarize the key technology, concept, product, service or strategy on which the business idea is based on.


Summarize the market in the past (if applicable), present and anticipated future. Review the trends in terms of market share evolution, market leadership, players, pricing, competition or substitutes in the current environment.


Highlight the barriers to entry from your business perspective. Also show us how would you protect your innovation / unique selling proposition to keep your business sustainable?


List 5 year SMART goals and strategies to achieve them.


Create a brief outline of the management of the proposed business along with financial and marketing initiatives.


Showcase the potential of your business idea in creating a positive impact on society.


Demonstrate the charity cause involved in your business plan.